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Carol B.

Thanks for your interest in ChapterEighty.

My initial postings are about Driving to Belize.

Next, I had to return to the United States, thus my posts are about driving back but heading to Florida instead of Colorado.

This newer addition(s) are written from my quieter spot set in beautiful woods -often called old Florida-because this is how Florida looked before greed and development started happening. Now it is a special treasure to find such places left.

Except, once I drove back into western Colorado, I knew I was home. Snow capped mountains and cold, fast moving streams free of alligators plus less people, cooler weather, and topography!

For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

P.O. Box 353, Mancos, Colorado 81328

1+ 321-324-7524

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Finding Home

Winding Road

Colorado Called, I Said YES!

In early June,2023, I was offered a home to stay in while the couple went to Cape Cod. I went. I drove from my sweet home in Port Richey,...

Going Backwards ??

What? You are doing what? Didn’t you just get there? Didn’t you totally shift from living in Dolores, Colorado on top of a hill with Paul...

It's a Different Rhythm

The pace is slower for sure. If you are still living in the frantic state of instant everything, then this pace won't work for you. The...

New Home, New Town, New Country

Settling in. It sounds hopeful. It has taken almost two weeks to do so, navigating a much more laid back approach to almost everything...

I Am Belizean NOW

January 25, 2022 The town hall building for the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. Today, I registered my car in Belize and paid...

Picking and Paying

There they are, a bunch of little buildings resembling shacks all sited together. Inside these are the brokers. What’s a broker here at...

Crossing into Belize

January 22, 2022 posted for January 14,2022 actual crossing We arrived at the Mexico-Belize border at 4:30 PM on the Friday of a three...

Across Mexico in a FLASH

January 21, 2022, the actual dates of the crossing: January 12-14, 2022 MEXICO: the very name invokes all kinds of reactions from...

Crossing Into Mexico

January 12, 2022 The border offices at the Los Indios crossing are open from 9AM to 6PM, so we arrived at 9AM to begin the process....

At the Border

This AM, we cross and then it’s Mexico and onward! The three days in Texas went smoothly. Angel and I do not lack for conversation! We...

Always Room for Cupcakes!

Sure you bet! No way, no way, you have o room for cupcakes ,he says. Now the car is fully loaded. and ready for the drive to Belize....

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